Mervin Manufacturing


    Mervin Manufacturing home of Lib Tech, GNU, Roxy and Bent Metal Binding Works is a leading designer and manufacturer of snowboarding, skiing, surfing and skateboarding products built at the world’s most environMENTAL factory by people who ride them. Mervin Manufacturing was founded by snowboarders Mike Olson and Pete Saari in 1977. In an industry where virtually every other snowboard, ski, skateboard, and surfboard company has moved production to China or offshore, Mervin is the longest running and last major board building factory in the USA. Based out of Carlsborg, Washington, between the rugged Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges, Mervin is a direct link between riding and manufacturing.

  • Lib Tech


    We build snowboards, skis, skateboards and surfboards,  No really… that is what we do. We don’t order them from China or anywhere else and send someone to go check and see how they turned out. We physically hand build them right here at home in the USA. We buy the toughest, lightest, strongest, most environmental materials; many of which aren’t meant for snowboards or used by anyone else for what we use them for. We mill, cut, glue, sand, sublimate, and flame-treat them into precise fitting puzzle pieces. We wet laminate them with our own formula of epoxy and put them in presses and formblocks we build ourselves then cure them for a specific time at multiple set temperatures, each unique model having its own set of rules. We deflash them, grind them, sand them, Scotch-briteTM them, drill them, scrape them, polish them, wax them, grade them, rework them if we need to, bag them, carry them over to shipping on the forklift, put them in their bins, and then ship them to you. We have been doing this every day for three decades. We build snowboards.


  • GNU


    Gnu was created in a hypothermic induced delirium in the early 80?s by Mike Olson who has been building snowboards since 1977. Mike Pioneered deep carving sidecuts and too many other odd things to mention here. Today Mike and Pete still head up Gnu with structure and intelligence provided by Ryan Hollis and Chris “Two Cent Gary” Garrett. Tim Karpinski hosts Club Weird, and with Shawn “The Bish” Bishop at his side, directs all visuals. Barrett Christy super ripper heads up our Gnu Girls program, Banked Slalom Pro champ Paul Ferrel runs the Backdoor binding program, Jesse “The Beast” Burtner focuses on team and marketing, four time Baker Banked Slalom champ Temple Cummins is our accessible freeride Billy Goater and Olympic Mtn split specialist, Danny rips and makes TV shows, Forest and Forrest are getting weird, Kaitlyn is really really good, Jamie Anderson wins everything, Cody is killing it. Of course every Gnu Banana, Magne-traction “joy stick” is handbuilt by the snowboarders with jobs at Mervin Manufacturing in Washington State just like they were in the beginning… now even weirder. Dude what happened last night?