Airblaster was founded 15 years ago in a basement in Portland, Oregon, USA.  

Co-founder and pro snowboarder Travis Parker was shredding the earth flipping out.  He invested some startup money and flew the flag while filming for and co-creating the iconic Robot Food films.  Meanwhile co-founders Jesse Grandkoski and Paul Miller added the blood, sweat, tears, and personal debt needed to get the Airblaster machine up and flying, albeit dangerously and just above the treetops.  Our pilots struggled through turbulence and tailwinds to gain elevation and—in what might be described as a miracle—we’re still airborne! Currently on track for its 16th circumnavigation of the sun, Airblaster remains 100% human powered, operated by a team of talented, hard working, and outrageously hilarious employees that keep the jet engines firing and the ship moving forward.