Union Binding Company

Free from the distraction of developing a bazillion different products for snowboarding, camping, and whatever else... Union focuses solely on building better bindings for all types of riding, at all ability levels, for each price offering.

Dividing our lineup into segments allows separate engineering teams to focus on “segments within the collection”.THE FORGED CARBON SERIES

Exclusive to Union - Forged Carbon is the lightest / strongest material known to man, and delivers peak performing heelside response and board control. Nothing else comes close.


This is the “bread and butter” or "meat and potatoes" of the Union offering. Regardless of your budget or performance needs, you will find the best binding in each price point here.

Controlling our full circle supply chain assures a superior product from start to finish. From chairlift meetings, to paper sketches, then CAD Designs... Prototypes, testing, and tooling... All Union Bindings are developed, produced, and shipped inhouse with zero outsourcing or 3rd party middlemen cutting into the value of our final product. Union is THE only conventional binding supplier who owns and operates it's own production facility.