Blizzard Sheeva 10 Limited Women’s Ski (HILAREE NELSON)

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She Wolves lead the pack, moving quietly between the lines. They’re fierce, confident, independent, and quite simply - badass. Hilaree Nelson was the leader of the pack. She put tracks down where no woman, rather no PERSON, ever had before. She was an existential explorer, a loving mother, and a humble badass who set a path for generations of women to follow in their quest to achieve their goals in the mountains. This special edition Sheeva 10 pays homage to Hilaree’s life and legacy, featuring art from Blizzard Tecnica ambassador Malia Reeves, inspired by two of Hilaree’s greatest accomplishments: A first descent of the Lhotse Couloir, and raising her two boys. 100% of the proceeds from these skis sold will be donated to the Hilaree Nelson Fund. The fund was established to support causes that were important to Hilaree. To carry on her legacy, these funds will be distributed to initiatives concerning climate change as well as supporting and empowering women in the outdoor space. For more about Hilaree, the artist and inspiration for these skis, go to our W2W blog: The Hilaree Nelson Story.