Armada WHITEWALKER 121 2024

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Sammy Carlson is one-of-a-kind, and he needs a ski that can keep up with the creativity he unleashes. Big brother to the OG Whitewalker, the 121 is Sammy’s ultimate deep pow-crushing freestyle tool. Unique shaping throughout the Whitewalker 121 helps it float, swivel and stomp, forwards, backwards and sideways unlike anything else on snow. The ultralight core makes the 121 light enough for the backcountry during huge storm cycles, while the stout underfoot flex and Swivel Tech 3D beveling in the pin tip and tail combine to deliver lively versatility for charging steeps and buttering pillows.

Rockered tips and tails are combined with positive camber under foot to allow the ski to charge with ease through unpredictable snow and maintain a solid carve when asked to do so. Turn the whole mountain into your playground.