Liberty Skis


Liberty makes high performance skis rooted in functional innovation and respect for the environment. Every material we use, and design we produce, is done with the ultimate goal of elevating your experience on skis. Liberty skis perform so well because they are designed and built without regard to marketing hype or the latest trend. We test all our designs and materials ourselves to see if they improve the way our skis ride in a variety of conditions. If they do not improve the ski experience, then they don’t go in our skis. A great example of functional innovation is our exclusive use of bamboo laminate cores in our skis. Liberty was the first and remains the ONLY ski company to use bamboo in all our skis. Bamboo is strong, light, eco friendly, and gives our skis a unique stability and liveliness not found with any other material. Bamboo helps you ski better. Combining unique designs and the best materials available, we hand build skis to exacting standards, allowing Liberty to offer the best warranty in the industry at 3 years. We hand select bamboo from southern China, edges from Germany, bases from France, adhesives from the US, high tech composites from Germany, topsheets from Austria and plastics from Japan to create the most fun and versatile skis available.


More than just our name, liberty is the reason we make skis and what we seek in the mountains. Snow is where we find freedom. If you find a better job, let us know.


The location of Liberty HQ high in the Colorado Rockies affords us the chance to test our skis in a wide variety of conditions over a long season. With access to an incredible diversity of terrain, from world-class parks to massive backcountry lines and everything in between, our designs flow directly from our surroundings. Liberty makes versatile, light and tough skis that work in powder, on hardpack, slung on a backpack for a long hike, in the park, setup for tele turns, or just our ripping around your local area.


Liberty is a collection riders from every imaginable background. We have powder whores, racers, former snowboarders, tele purists, park rats, and a bunch of people who just go ski.

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